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Capture Points are marked above.
A Capture Point. A Divinity Splinter sits in the center.
A Capture Point after being captured by Revenant. Note the color change to the Revenant's magenta Faction color.

Capture Points (also known as Outposts in some server messages) are structures that can be captured for a Faction, and can be instrumental in turning the game in their favor. Each Capture Point contains a Divinity Splinter. It is initially unprotected, but after being captured for the first time, a Shield protects it, and only players from the owning Faction can walk through it.

A Capture Point generates Sparks of Genius for the Faction that owns it. Once a Capture Point is captured, the owning Faction can visit it to collect these Sparks periodically from its inventory. There are 6 Capture Points in total on a Rend Map: 3 Homeland and 3 Prime. There is one of each type for each of the 3 Factions.

Capturing[edit | edit source]

A Capture Point that was never captured will have no Shield protecting it. For captured Capture Points, the Shield goes down periodically, with a chat warning to all players of all Factions 15 minutes beforehand.

Capture Points are claimed for a Faction by a player from that Faction approaching its Divinity Splinter and pressing the 'F' key. An animation plays for approximately 10 seconds, after which the Divinity Splinter changes to the Faction color of the player who captured it, signifying that the Capture Point now belongs to that Faction.

Whichever Faction controls a Capture Point when its Shield is raised owns that Capture Point until the next lowering. Players that belong to the capturing Faction, who are in the vicinity of a Capture Point when the Shield is raised, receive a loot chest that spawns next to them and contains random items.

Since the last Capture Points update, whenever a Capture Point's shield lowers, the Capture Point becomes neutral again, such as it was at the beginning of the saga. Once a capture point is neutral again, it's shield doesn't come back up until a faction captures it again. It is important to note that you can only recovers the spark of genius produced by a Capture point you own, once the capture point goes neutral you lose the sparks.

Every ~2 hours one Capture Point will be randomly selected to lower its shields and become available for conquest.

Homeland Capture Points[edit | edit source]

Homeland Capture Points are located directly midway between each Faction Stronghold and Yggdrasil. Homeland Capture Point shields go down the most frequently. The Shields on these Capture Points will not begin to drop until the server has been online for 24 hours.

Byway Capture Points[edit | edit source]

Byway Capture Points are located directly midway between every two Faction Strongholds. The Shields on these Capture Points will not begin to drop until the server has been online for 5 days. (These have been removed in the new map.)

Prime Capture Points[edit | edit source]

Prime Capture Points reside in the Roots of Yggdrasil at the center of the map. Each Faction's Prime Capture Point resides in the direction of its Stronghold, along a circle midway out from the very center of the Roots of Yggdrasil. The Shields on these Capture Points will not begin to drop until the server has been online for 2 weeks.