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There are three player Factions: Conclave, Order and Revenant.

During character creation, players choose to align with one of three in-game communities, including the mystical and intelligent Conclave (green faction), the proud and brutal Order (orange faction), or the sly and cunning Revenant (purple faction). The factions engage in all-out war in a competitive race from humble beginnings to awe-inspiring heights of power in a harrowing struggle for survival and domination.

Faction ranks[edit | edit source]

Inside a faction you have a rank. This rank is based on your faction reputation - as it increases so does your rank. With greater ranks comes greater benefits.t

Ranks Faction rep Notes
Traitor -1000 Faction Reputation.
  • -90% Damage Against Players.
  • +100% Damage Received from Players.
Coward -400 Faction Reputation.
  • Loses Faction Chat Privileges.
  • -66% Damage Against Players.
  • +50% Damage Received from Players.
Miscreant -50 Faction Reputation
  • Loses Faction Base Interaction Privileges.
  • -34% Damage Against Players.
Kin 0 Starter rank.
Appreciated 250 Gain access to appreciated chests.
Respected 1000 -
Trusted 2000 Gain access to trusted chests.
Captain 5000 -
Chieftain 10000 -

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