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  • This guide is out of date

Rend - Basic Woodcutting Guide Rend features a woodcutting system similar to other games made in the Unreal 4 Engine.

Although it features a great deal of different unique and vivacious wildlife and resources there is only one type of tree you can gather from and one type of bush you can obtain wooden sticks from when you first start in the game.

Type of Tree[edit | edit source]

Pine Tree.png

Type of Bush[edit | edit source]


Wooden sticks can be used along with flint to craft a Wooden Axe which enables you gather Wood from Pine Trees.

They can also be used for a basic Pickaxe which increases the yield of wooden sticks you get from Pine Trees instead.

Stone Axe[edit | edit source]


Gatherable Flint[edit | edit source]

Secondary Flint Picture.jpg

To make a pickaxe for gathering more wooden sticks from pine trees, you'll also need some cobblestone which can be found near large rock formations like Flint.

Stone Pickaxe[edit | edit source]


Gatherable Cobblestone[edit | edit source]

Cobblestone screenshot.png

Hope this guide has answered all of your questions about Basic Woodcutting and if you're interested in an even more in-depth look please stay tuned for the Advanced version. And hang tight for more Rend guides!

Guide will also be updated as new information becomes available! Thanks for reading!