Tier 2

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Biomes[edit | edit source]

Tier 2 biomes are Myrkfen and Highlands. Myrkfen has an increased temperature and has various diseases, while the Highlands have a decreased temperature and is the highway for travel into other zones.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

There are named versions of some creatures located in Myrkfen:

  • Festerwig: Blubberbul the Hive Host
  • Glutt: Gobblegut the Endless Gullet
  • Wasprey: High Queen Needleblight

Materials[edit | edit source]

Tier 2 materials found from the nodes and creatures in these biomes, used to craft Tier 2 weapons and armor:

Wood Materials:

Plant Materials:

Metal Ores:

Stone Materials:

Creature Materials:

Certain Tier 3 materials can be found in these areas, although not in large quantities: Ironfir(Sticks, Branches, Logs) and Heavy Leather (and Scraps).

Each creature has items specific to that type of creature that are unrelated to it's tier such as meat, Trophies, and revive items.