Spark of Genius

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Spark of Genius
Spark of Genius inventory icon
Type Raw Resource – Research
Rarity Epic

Sparks of Genius are tokens the player acquires as they perform various tasks. They are used at your Faction's Research Stones to research new recipes. Each Spark can only be used at its corresponding Research Stone.

Types[edit | edit source]

Sparks of Genius come in 4 specific types: Adventuring, Invention, Mysticism, Construction.

An additional Spark, simply called "Spark of Genius," can serve as any of the other Spark types, but must be crafted into one of those prior to use. This is done in the personal crafting menu ('C' key) in the Miscellaneous section.

Type Family Acquired By
Spark of Genius Adventuring.png Spark of Genius: Adventuring Leather Butchering: Frabbits, Grunters, Rotnes, Wargs, Wildcats, Stags, Rocs
Rare from crafting Bows, Arrows, Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Fur Armor.
Spark of Genius Invention.png Spark of Genius: Invention Chitin Butchering: Festerwigs, Arachnixes, Ursas, Waspreys, Banshees
Rare from crafting Crossbows, Bolts, Spike Launchers, Spikes, Metal Armor.
Spark of Genius Mysticism.png Spark of Genius: Mysticism Tough Skin Butchering: Raveners, Allidons, Glutts, Rockjaws, Draaks
Rare from crafting Repeaters, Darts, Silk Armor, Swamp Armor, Elixirs and Draughts.
Spark of Genius Construction.png Spark of Genius: Construction Fur Butchering: Hammerskulls, Yxens
Rare from crafting Shard Blasters, Shards. Also building and upgrading structures.
Spark of Genius.png Spark of Genius Capture Points
(must be crafted into one of the 4 specific Sparks above before being used).

Additional notes[edit | edit source]